ICTBroadcast autodialer, DNC and Opt-Out for Countries with Legal Restrictions on telemarketing / Cold calling / robocaling

Different countries has different laws and regulations regarding telemarketing or robocalling , Most countries in world like USA, Canada, Australia, India, UK etc allow telemarketing on working days as well as working time with opt out (DNC) option and some countries allow robocalling / telemarketing with opt in option only such European union . Telemarketing is not completely banned in most countries however as a business, you need to take care of laws and regulations of each country separately and you need to strictly follow these laws and regulations and develop your strategies accordingly in auto dialer market .

ICTBroadcast Monitoring and Reporting

ICTBroadcast has very powerful campaign monitoring and reporting feature. Monitoring of a running campaign is very important because it basically allows you .........

ICTBroadcast, the unified auto dialer compliant with Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991

The ICTBroadcast multi-tenant unified communications package is a powerful telemarketing suite that can dramatically enhance an SME’s capacity to boost efficiency or promote a product. However, the misuse of the product - or any other telemarketing solution - can cause a business to fall foul of consumer and data protection laws and regulations. Therefore, it is vital to become familiar with the local regulations to avoid substantial penalties or heavy fines.

ICTBroadcast, Creating dynamic messages with auto dialer and custom tokens

One of the many benefits of running the ICTBroadcast system for an SME is the flexibility and degree of personalization that the system allows. Dynamic messages can be programmed to run via the auto dialer during a campaign tailored to your existing client database or as part of standard operating procedure. The creation of either an SMS or email template is a straightforward and simple matter. This can be quickly accomplished and refined further at anytime during the campaign, or in the course of normal business operations.

ICTBroadcast automated dialling, Using REST based APIs to automate your business process

ICTBroadcast recognize that the modern SME utilizes a wide spectrum of software and web-based applications to facilitate the needs of the business. We also understand the frustration caused by the lack of compatibility between some of these applications and the decrease in efficiency or increase in cost that inflexible software system can cause. For this reason ICTBroadcast uses REST based API to ensure communication and automation between our products and third party applications is a seamless and simple process.

Integration of Android Application with ICTBroadcast

Android application for ICTBroadcast allows to create voice recordings, contact groups and also create and run voice campaigns. A screenshot of the main screen is shown below. User of the ICTBroadcast should have a username and password to be identified as authenticated user. A URL to REST web services of ICTBroadcast is also required. Some of the features and components of the application include settings, campaigns, voice recordings and contacts.

Our journey to stability, quality and performance excellence: ICTBroadcast version 3.0 to 3.4

ICTBroadcast's journey of professionalism, stability and excellence has some remarkable achievements. In this post, we have highlighted some of those achievements from version 3.0 to version 3.4. That journey is not over yet and we are focussed at our mission to become leading broadcasting software in the telecommunication sector. Some of the highlighted features listed in this post are IVR campaign, Advanced graphical reporting, Load balancing and fail-over support, REST APIs, Appointment reminder, resource management GUI, RPM for CentOS 6.x, GUI installation, System-wide configuration and many more.

Powerful Graphical Reports in ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast is multi tenant, unified communications and telemarketing software solution supporting Voice, SMS, Email and Fax broadcasting. ICTBroadcast has very powerful feature of real-time graphical reports. These reports can be found in summarized form as well as detailed form. Every campaign has summarized form of the reports with basic statistics and charts. Summarized report then links to each section of detailed report of a campaign. Different types of campaign in ICTBroadcast has different many statistics to show in reports.

Testing Interactive Voice Broadcasting with External Call Center

ICTBroadcast includes advance and complete inbound and outbound Call Center functionalities with power dialing, inbound dialing, dynamic dialing, press 1 and predictive dialing modes also ICTBroadcast offer rest api to integrate with any third party application. ICTBroadcast can also be integrated to work with an External Call Center for further support. Built-in Inbound and Interactive campaigns have all the ingredients of a call center solution. Here we will demonstrate how to Integrate ICTBroadcast with Elastix Call Center module.

Use ICT Broadcast for all of your Telemarketing needs

ICTBroadcast is multi-tenant SMS, Fax and Voice broadcasting, predictive dialer, power dialer software solution. ICTBroadcast uses open source Asterisk communication engine and open source Kannel SMS gateway at back-end . In today’s modern world, changing technologies have completely changed the way that many people live, work and perform basic business functions. Likewise, technology has also changed the way in which people do business and communicate with one another and with loyal customers. Long gone are the days of relying upon a landline telephone or even a fax machine in order to communicate with one another or even to relay information to clients and co-workers.