We are pleased to announce the release of ICTBroadcast version Version 4.2 with advanced features such as a powerful webrtc agent dashboard, manual dialing, preview dialing, agent interaction and business automation and IVR studio enhancements .

Now ICTBroadcast is a complete inbound and outbound contact center software solution with support of unified communications, predictive dialing, auto dialing, power dialing, preview and progressive dialing as well as manual dialing support.

Main features of ICTBroadcast 4.2

Agent Interaction Support

* Interaction feature developed to allow agent to automate Live calls
* New Interactions added, IVR, IVR Message, and Agent Rating
* Reports added for newly created Interactions

Manual Dialing

* Manual dialing support added with routing and billing

Campaign related Improvements

* One queue per campaign support added
* Inbound SMS support added
* Inbound SMS Feedback / Survey campaign added
* Transfer to Agent support added into survey campaign

Agent Dashboard

* Click 2 Dial support added
* Manual dialing support added
* Call Disposition added
* Callback support added
* Predictive dialing support added for external queue
* User configurable pace support added for internal and external queues
* Power Dialer (Preview and progressive) dialing support added
* Progressive and Preview Dialing GUI completed

Contacts Functionality Improved

* Support added for Custom CSV uploads
* Support added for follow me ( dialing next phone number of contact)
* Contact feed support added to fetch remote contacts

Enhancement for IVR Applications

* Time Condition, Add Delay, and Send DTMF applications added into IVR Designer
* Play menu options increased from 0-4 to 0-9, in IVR Designer
* Auto replay, invalid message and timeout support added in variable_input and play_menu application of IVR Designer
* Action on failed status added in transfer application of IVR Designer

Other Improvements

* metrics and statistic support added using collectd
* Google cloud Text to Speech support added
* Multiple Admin Theme support added
* Sorting support added for reports
* CNAM inquiry from HLR and OCN based routing support

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ICTBroadcast Version 4.1 release

ICTBroadcast Version 4.0 release