Each country has different laws and regulations regarding telemarketing / robocalling and as a business you need to take care and comply these laws and regulations accordingly while doing telemarketing / auto dialing robocalling / Voice broadcasting / cold calling / sms messaging / fax broadcasting. These laws vary from country to country. It is very important to take note of these rules because different illegal businesses are violating these laws and making it difficult for telemarketing companies to build trust with their users and target audience. Basically, the law requires to send pre-recorded messages only to subscribers who have signed or agreed to allow this type of call. If your calling list is containing international numbers, make sure you follow the international laws regarding voice broadcasting. The rules differ by country and you have to take a close look at the terms before you can launch your message to the masses.

ICTBroadcast includes features related to compliance of telemarketing laws so that users of the countries in which legal restrictions applies use it without any issues. One of the feature is opt-out option that meet the government's Do Not Call regulations (also known as global or master DNC list). Another feature is master DNC list. A user can also create personal or local DNC list to further filter phone number from calling. Timezone is another important feature that an autodialer should have if it allows calling people from different continents. In this article, we will investigate the compliance features of ICTBroadcast and how it helps users of ICTBroadcast to perform legal broadcasting.

Most of world's top countries allow telemarketing in working days and working hours with opt out option such as USA, Canada, UK , Australia and India etc , means you can make telemarketing calls to these countries complying with their laws and there will no legal issue for you.

Opt Out Feature

Opt out can be very helpful when assisting direct marketing clients whose customers wish to opt out of their marketing programs. Opt out is a method requiring a targeted individual to explicitly respond to a solicitation offer in order to keep from receiving any further service or product solicitations. With introduction and maintenance of Do Not Call (DNC) legislation, it is important for businesses to provide an easy method for fax and call recipients to opt out of your direct marketing campaigns.

ICTBroadcast voice broadcasting feature allows you to record or upload an audio file (your own voice perhaps) and then have it automatically transmitted over phone lines to a list of contacts that you provide. ICTBroadcast also provides an Opt out mechanism that makes it easy for your contacts to stop receiving calls from you if they are no longer interested. For example pressing 9 before the message starts.

Do Not Call Lists

ICTBroadcast provides two types of DNC list: Master DNC and User DNC. Master DNC list is the country-wide DNC list provided by the government bodies such as FCC and FTC in U.S. Whereas User DNC is a list for every user who is performing fax or voice broadcasting using ICTBroadcast. It allows a call or fax recipient to be removed from your calling lists automatically. This list can be populated manually as well as automatically when some call recipient chooses opt out. When using ICTBroadcast, it is up to user to ensure that all Federal and State laws are followed. But most aspects of voice broadcasts are heavily regulated within the system including the time of day to call and limitations on where to call.

Inbound Campaign

Inbound campaign allows to do inbound marketing to establish a business relationship with a prospect. It saves you from being dependent on to the Do Not Call Registry. That relieves you from maintaining compliance while calling to your prospects. Inbound marketing means developing trust before selling can take place. Other advantages of Inbound campaign is that it is low-cost as compared to the outbound campaign because the prospects call at your provided numbers. ICTBroadcast brings inbound campaign as one of best marketing practice because it brings genuine leads rather than reaching outbound to cold and questionable targets. Inbound campaign ensures high conversion levels at minimal cost. It does, however, take an ample commitment and patience to get you the desired results.

Following are some links to help you ensure that you meet the telemarketing requirements in following countries.
In Canada: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/trules-reglest.htm
In The USA: www.fcc.gov www.ftc.gov

If done properly, voice broadcasting can be a powerful medium to communicate with a large number of audience. But if done wrongly, it will get you in very hot water and of course your customers too.

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Telemarketing Laws in USA, Canada, Australia , UK and European union

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