How to prepare system for ICTBroadcast installation

Basic hardware requirments

Following are minimum requirement to setup your own broadcasting platform

1. Server machine Dual Core 3.0 Ghz or higher with 4 GB Ram Minimum
2. Operating System CentOS 7.x with ssh root access
3. Trunk / Gateway An account with wholesale voip company for voice and fax transmission
4. Static IP to access server remotely also register license

There are two option to setup a Linux Server for ICTBroadcast Installation

a) On premsis Server

1. Download latest version of CentOS 7.x iso image from and burn on DVD
2. Install CentOS 7.x with following instructions as discussed below

For CentOS 7.x

3. Please Note root password that you set during installation and provide us your Static IP address and said root password (ssh access ) to access your server remotely.

We will provide basic installation, configuration and testing support to make sure your setup is fully functional. We do offer installation support services with all packages free of cost.

b) Hosted Dedicated Server / Server on rental basis.

1) Select latest available version of CentOS 7.x also configure it your server as Unmanageable (without any additional control panel) while making an order for dedicated server , Following you will find list of best dedicated server providers

2) Provide Static IP of Dedicated Server with root password ( ssh access ) to access your server remotely.