ICTBroadcast vs ICTDialer - A comparison between autodialers

ICTBroadcast is multi-tenant mass communications and telemarketing software solution supporting Voice broadcasting, SMS messaging, Email marketing and Fax broadcasting while ICTDialer is free and open source project with Voice and Fax broadcasting however ICTBroadcast is more professional, feature rich and mature product when compared with ICTDialer.

Following is a feature comparison table of ICTBroadcast and ICTDialer.

Both projects has been developed with entirely different approach and uses different technologies. ICTDialer has been developed for open source community over re-known open source technologies like communication development framework ICTCore http://www.ictcore.org , LAMP stack and communication softswitch Freeswitch and open source SMS gateway Kannel while ICTBroadast has been developed for buisness owners and professionals developed over custom communication framework, LAMP stack and communication engines Asterisk and open source SMS gateway aplication named Kannel.

Features ICTBroadcast ICTDialer
Voice Broadcasting
SMS Broadcasting
Fax Broadcasting
Email Broadcasting
Contacts Management
Interactive Voice Broadcasting (Press-1 Campaign) (using IVRDesigner)
Multi-tenant & Multi-campaign
Campaign Summary & CDR Reports
Multi-service Billing
Campaign Scheduling
External Call Center
WebRTC support
Inbound / Outbound Call center
Surveys and Polls
AMD (Answering Machine Detection)
DNC (Do Not Call) Support
Inbound Campaign
Custom Caller ID
Multiple Trunks support
Realtime Campaign Management
Multiple Technology (SIP, IAX2)
Rates and Routes Management
Payments Management
IVR Designer
Appointment Reminder
Subscription Campaign
Timezone based Contact Calling
Voice feedback for Survey campaign
Web phone
DID Based Caller ID
Dedicated Trunk Support

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