ICTBroadcast Monitoring and Reporting

ICTBroadcast has very powerful campaign monitoring and reporting feature. Monitoring of a running campaign is very important because it basically allows you to determine if your campaign is working as expected and your target audience is listening your message that you are broadcasting. Better campaign reporting and monitoring has several benefits. For example, you can learn your customer's behavior on a particular campaign and tune your campaign accordingly. When you know which of your strategies are preferred by your target audience, you can work on perfecting these until you turn satisfied customers into loyal ones.

You can also manage your finances better if you have powerful campaign monitoring tool. If you’re able to effectively track the performance of your campaigns, you would know if you are placing your money on the right investment or if you need a different medium to reach your audience. There are several evaluation metrics that ICTBroadcast monitoring and reporting system provide. You can see the number of completed calls, average duration of completed call, failed calls, busy and congestion errors. You can also see contacts rejected with DNC (do not call) and picked up by answering machine.

Campaign Monitoring

Summary Report of Voice Campaign