HLR Support in ICTBroadcast auto dialer, the Voice broadcasting software

HLR Support in ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast facilitates its users to implement LCR technique in Routing. LCR synonym of Least Cost Routing is a process to find the most inexpensive way to route phone calls. It is the process of analyzing and selecting most economical path of outbound and inbound communications traffic . LCR can be configured in ICTBroadcast by adding the prefixes of available networks. When a number is dialed, ICTBroadcast chooses the route which has the same prefix as number with most economical rates .

However , in case of number portability, LCR could not be implemented and in such case CNAME module provide solutions . CNAM query gets the information about that number through OCN, on the basis of that information route is selected.

CNAME query to provider as configured in ICTBroadcast settings. A provider gives us access of SS7 through which OCN provides us with the information about the number. SS7 is a set of telephony signalling protocols their task is to receive and distribute incoming signaling messages to the destination. A third party API helps us to get the information therefore while configuration we have to add the URL of this API.

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Configure CNAM Provider

ICTBroadcast have to determine original Network Operator for given phone number when working with contact list, this can be done via CNAM query which provide these required information, i.e OCN. CNAM providers can be configured from Administration then System Configuration menu.

Following are details about required fields.

Enable or disable CNAM clinet
SS7 Provider:
Select provider type
Expiry (seconds):
How long ICTBroadcast can reuse stored/cached CNAM data
URL to API interface
API Key: Authentication key (optional) Note: either use api key or username and password combination depending on your provider
API Username:
Username for API (optional)
API Password:
Password for API (optional)
Phone prefix:
In case, API provider requires a phone number with specific format then ICTBroadcast will apply this filter on phone number before request CNAM data.

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