ICTBroadcast allows users to manage contacts in form of a group. There are different ways to upload contact groups in ICTBroadcast such as:

  • Upload contacts via standard file
  • Upload contacts via a custom file
  • Copy contacts from an existing group
  • Continue without import contacts

contact group uploading options in ICTBroadcast

Steps of creating contact groups in ICTBroadcast

Navigate to contacts main-men, then click on contact groups sub-menu. A list of contact groups, group names, total contacts, and details are available on-page.

contact group in ICTBroadcast

Add a new contact Group in ICTBroadcast

Click on add new button, contact group form will open with required fields such as:

Group Description:

Write group title in the text box.
Write group description in the text box.

Import contacts (Optional):

1- Click on the type of source drop-down, select upload contact via standard file. Click on the choose file button to upload the contact’s file from the user,s system. The example file option shows the format of the sample file.

standard csv file in ICTBroadcast

2- Select upload contact via custom file, it will allow users to upload contact’s file in custom format according to their needs instead of standard CSV file. But the file extension must be CSV.

contact custom file in ICTBroadcast

Click on choose file button to upload a custom file. Click on the Save button, it will open the map contact fields form the page. Click on the CSV column drop-down to select matching fields as shown below:

contact group in ICTBroadcast

3- Select option copy contacts from existing groups from the type of source drop list. Source groups option will open, it will show the list of available contact groups there. Source groups display a list of available contact groups. Select contact groups from the list as per requirements. Click on the Save button to complete the action as shown below.

available contact groups in ICTBroadcast