How to forward answered calls to External telephone number while doing Interactive Voice Broadcasting Campaign / Press 1 Campaign ?

1. Click Administration => Agents / Extensions
2, Click on Edit link of any extension at right hand side
3. Select "External Call Centre" at "forwarding" tab.
4. Enter IP Address and other information of Trunk needed to dial external Number
5. Enter External number with all prefixes needed
6. Assign to admin / user

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External Call Centre and ICTBroadcast

How to setup Recording studio so that user can record their voice messages directly through phone ?

Recording Studio

DIDs Administration

  1. Add new DID's
  2. Select [System] as "Assigned to" and select [Recording Studio] against "usage" and save it 3.Publish these DID at your website or Email these DID's to update users to use these DID's for recording purpose

Using Recording Studio

  1. Click on "My Account" at main menu and note account # and pin code
  2. Dial one of available DID
  3. On answer, IVR will ask to enter account number, Please enter account number and then press # key

How ICTBroadcast Rating and Routing system works ?

ICTBroadcast GUI help user to create and manage countries, destinations , rates and routes and provide interface to search/filter destination based on country

Following are two important functions of GUI.

Filter Destinations

When user select a country ICTBroadcast use country dialing_code to fetch all matching prefixes from destination table.. When user select a region ICTBroadcast use region id to fetch all matching countries and also trigger above mentioned action.

Show Country Name

How to use ICTBroadcast for local prefixes and international prefixes?

By default ICTBroadcast is configured on international prefix format. So admin don't have to do anything if he/she wants to use international prefixes. All the regions, countries and destinations are already created.

However, If admin decides to use ICTBroadcast only for local destination and want to avoid extra (international prefix) digits, then admin can use following instruction to setup local or custom prefix system.

Clean all Existing Settings

How to add / modify form comments in ICTBroadcast Front End (SP Edition only)

Login at command prompt as root

Edit required front end file like like recording.php
Locate form function ending with "_form" like "recording_form"
Locate the text needed to be replaced and modify accordingly ( you can enter appropriate value for #title and #description tags)
If you decide to use "t" function then remember to include new text in translation file in /usr/ictbroadcast/wwwroot/translation directory

Following is example block from recording.php

How to translate ICTBroadcast into other language ?

ICTBroadcast support multi language and already have capability to switch to any of existing language however if some user does not found his language of choice , he can write his own translation file using following instruction

Login at command prompt as root

Change directory to translation directory using following command
# cd /usr/ictbroadcast/wwwroot/translation

Copy existing default translation file and rename it

Replace right side of "=" with translated text (new language text)

Save the changes

How to configure a new installation of ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition before you run campaigns ?

To configure ICTBroadcast follow the steps given below:

Login as admin

There are two roles in ICTBroadcast Admin and User. Admin manages overall resources of system like managing users, configuring trunks, making payments, adding new destinations, setting routes

Add new Contacts

ICTBroadcast allows user to manage contacts. Contacts can be grouped together into a group. Contacts can be enterted through web interface or through CVS file

How ICTBroadcast Prefix Matching System Works ?

How ICTBroadcast do prefix matching ?

ICTBroadcast routing works with country + area or network prefix by prefix matching say we have following routes for prefix +39

When system dials 3931118765 , pattern matching is done and two matches found +39 and +39311 as the later has more matched digits it will be selected and applied

when system dials 39300088789, pattern matching is done and only one match found +39 and it selected and applied

How to prepare system for ICTBroadcast installation

Basic hardware requirments

Following are minimum requirement to setup your own broadcasting platform

1. Server machine Dual Core 3.0 Ghz or higher with 4 GB Ram Minimum
2. Operating System CentOS 7.x with ssh root access
3. Trunk / Gateway An account with wholesale voip company for voice and fax transmission
4. Static IP to access server remotely also register license

There are two option to setup a Linux Server for ICTBroadcast Installation