Create Agent Extensions In ICTBroadcast from Kashif Majeed on Vimeo.

Agent Extensions in ICTBroadcast

To create an Agent extension in the ICTBroadcast Go to the Administration Main menu and then click on the Agents Extensions menu and then click on the New extensions button on the list menu then enter the extension number and secret for this extension and the extension form and then click on the Save button. You will see one extension saves successfully message.

Extension Range in ICTBroadcast

This will make the extension available on the system. Now to create two or more extension numbers in a sequence. Click create extensions in the batch menu. In the extension range field, enter Start range and End range then enter the secret number and click Save. This will create all the extension numbers in the range that you specified. To use an extension, it must be assigned to the user.

Assign Extension to User in ICTBroadcast

Go to user management, click assigned extension link against the user, the opened formal show the signed extension in the upper table. The lower table shows all the available extensions. Take any available extension from the list and click the assigned button this will be assigned the selected extension to the current user.