ICTBroadcast facilitates their users to add more contact fields in contact information as per requirement. There are simple steps are listed below to add more fields:

Navigate to Campaigns in the main-men, then click on campaign default settings. Click on the contact option on-page, it will open the general contact configurations form. By default following settings are available in the system.

default field settings in ICTBroadcast

Add more contact fields in ICTBroadcast

Click on the More button at bottom of the form. Two more fields will appear on the page with the name of extra 1 and extra 2. These fields can be used as secondary information for any person. These fields can be used for storing secondary information of any contact. Click on the Save button to complete the action as shown below:
Note: (Only those fields will be shown in contact details which fields are filled or not empty when the form was submitted)

extra field settings in ICTBroadcast