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Our journey to stability, quality and performance excellence: ICTBroadcast version 3.0 to 3.4

ICTBroadcast's journey of professionalism, stability and excellence has some remarkable achievements. In this post, we have highlighted some of those achievements from version 3.0 to version 3.4. That journey is not over yet and we are focussed at our mission to become leading broadcasting software in the telecommunication sector. Some of the highlighted features listed in this post are IVR campaign, Advanced graphical reporting, Load balancing and fail-over support, REST APIs, Appointment reminder, resource management GUI, RPM for CentOS 6.x, GUI installation, System-wide configuration and many more.

Powerful Graphical Reports in ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast is multi tenant, unified communications and telemarketing software solution supporting Voice, SMS, Email and Fax broadcasting. ICTBroadcast has very powerful feature of real-time graphical reports. These reports can be found in summarized form as well as detailed form. Every campaign has summarized form of the reports with basic statistics and charts. Summarized report then links to each section of detailed report of a campaign. Different types of campaign in ICTBroadcast has different many statistics to show in reports.

Testing Interactive Voice Broadcasting with External Call Center

ICTBroadcast includes basic Call Center functionalities such as inbound campaign that allows people to call at a number that is handled by the ICTBroadcast system for customer support and then any agent or ICTBroadcast itself can respond to the queries by the customer. ICTBroadcast can also be integrated to work with an External Call Center for further support. Built-in Inbound and Interactive campaigns have all the ingredients of a call center solution. Here we will demonstrate how to Integrate ICTBroadcast with Elastix Call Center module.

Use ICT Broadcast for all of your Telemarketing needs

ICTBroadcast is multi-tenant SMS, Fax and Voice broadcasting software solution based on open source Asterisk and Kannel. In today’s modern world, changing technologies have completely changed the way that many people live, work and perform basic business functions. Likewise, technology has also changed the way in which people do business and communicate with one another and with loyal customers. Long gone are the days of relying upon a landline telephone or even a fax machine in order to communicate with one another or even to relay information to clients and co-workers.

ICTBroadcast: 2 Channels Trial Version Absolutely Free

ICT Innovations has decided to offer free version of ICTBroadcast with 2 channel for one month!. Yes, that means there will be no one month limitation on ICTBroadcast trial version as it was previously. Now just download and install ICTBroadcast and then get a free license for unlimited time. Free trial version is suitable for small and medium businesses (SMBs). This unlimited trial version is actually a perfect opportunity for SMBs to install ICTBroadcast on their premises and discover its features to get maximum benefit out of it.

How to become Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) with a Voip provider / telecom carrier and ICTBRoadcast software

ICTBroadcast service provider (SP) edition has all the features of enterprise-grade software application for its customers who want to become Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and want to provide their own broadcasting services (such as voice, sms, fax and email) to their customers. ICTBroadcast is multi tenant , scaleable, fault-tolerant and secure software and also comes with monitoring, integration, upgrading and support services.

ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition is business autodialer (B2B) which is complete turnkey solution supporting white-label and other advance features

Version 3.4 of ICTBroadcast with additional features and bug fixes is released

We are pleased to announce that ICTBroadcast Version 3.4 with additional features and bug fixes is released. New release contains features such as VoIP Trunk testing, GUI log managment interface, Hard disk usage graph added into dashboard, Backup module, GUI for AMD configuration, additional summary reports for IVR, AMD and DNC, Improved rpm and installation process, Improved APIs and documentation, Update support added from yum and several bug fixes.

Version 3.3 of ICTBroadcast with additional features and bug fixes is released

We are pleased to announce that ICTBroadcast Version 3.3 with additional features and bug fixes is released. New release contains bug fixes in CDR reports, auto-concurrent channel decrease on low balance, media validation before starting a campaign and REST APIs. Where as new feature addition includes Appointment reminder campaign, message designer for customized voice message, server monitoring support (Monit), Cepstral TTS engine support, Fail-over support, SSL support, Installation GUI for easy installation and RPM release for CentOS 6.x.

IVR Designer and Survey Campaigns, Maximize Business Resources with Customized ICTBroadcast Campaigns

ICTBroadcast software offers ultimate flexibility to telemarketing companies, and any businesses that handle large numbers of calls. Customers benefit from exciting opportunities to maximize resources by launching targeted campaigns, enhanced by features including Appointment Reminder, Survey Campaign, IVR Campaign, Press 1 Campaign, and Inbound Campaign. For those seeking a highly customized solution, the IVR Designer tool offers ultimate flexibility and customization of all voice campaigns.

Using REST-based API to integrate ICTBroadcast with third party application and autodialer automation

REST API provides an external interface to call some important functions of ICTBroadcast. ICTBroadcast, defines API_User three classes of REST API that defines all the functions needed to access from outside of the application scope, and the API_Campaign API_contact. In this article, I will explain all of the code example that shows how to call the function of REST API, these functions. These API provides seamless integration with third-party applications in order to achieve full automation.