Inbound Campaign | Inbound IVR | Inbound Autodialer

ICTBroadcast also supports inbound campaigns that allow inward calling to a supplied DID number. Once the call is received, ICTBroadcast plays an IVR or recorded message (optionally), and forwards interested callers to Live Agents for further support. Learn more about ICTBroadcast

inbound campaign

ICTBroadcast’s Inbound Campaign is a pioneering innovation in automated telemarketing. Inbound Campaign is one of best marketing practice because it brings genuine leads rather than reaching outbound to cold and questionable targets. Inbound campaign ensures high conversion levels at minimal cost, it does, however, take an ample commitment and patience to get you the desired results. Outbound campaign like Interactive / Press 1 Campaign largely focuses on outbound methods such as cold calls. The idea behind these techniques was to get in front of cold leads and warm them up to the point where they would try your product or service.

How Inbound Campaign works

Inbound Campaign empowers businesses that compete in tightly regulated markets to turn the system on its head. The company issues a DID contact number to its customers, inviting them to call it, and then channels incoming calls by keypad menu selections. A standard recorded or IVR message greets the customer, who is transferred to a specific live agent or to a team of agents. This is an ideal, simple-to-set-up, and simple-to-use system for handling many incoming customer queries. Inbound Campaign generates genuine leads, ensuring high conversion levels at minimal cost.