How to integrate Elastix call centre module with ICTBroadcast?

Log in to ICTBroadcast system and start Interactive Campaign. After call is answered and recipient pressed key 1, call forwarded on Elastix's Queue and then it gets forwarded to live agent at his registered IP-phone / Soft-phone from queue.


1. Create an extension in ICTBroadcast and assign it to any user like "admin"
2. Configure said extension in Elastix as inbound trunk like

host=ICTBroadcast IP address
username=extension username
secret=extension password

3. Add new Queue In Elastix
Queue name = any
Queue secret = any

4. Create an extension in Elastix and register it through Soft-phone / IP-phone to receive live call
Display Name = any
username = any
password = any

5. Add incoming routes
Description = any
DID Number = empty
set destination = select registered extension.