How To Use Servey Software

How To Use Servey Software - Marketing Automation Solution

A conducting survey is a good method to improve companies, products, and services. You can ask questions from your customers about the products and services. Customer feedback is very important for the improvement of products and services for companies. End user tells better about the product quality and service performance. You can alter your product according to their feedback.

Instead of creating a manual survey, survey software is a good choice for businesses to know public views and suggestion about their products and services. It saves time and easy to use. It provides helps to perform market research and provide valuable data about the target market. By using survey software you can analyze target market and develop effective strategies to increase your business sales.

Let's see how to use survey software

Prepare Contact list

First of all, for Survey broadcasting you need to prepare contact list. You can create different contact groups to target the specific area, city, province, and country. Survey broadcasting software allows you to import contact list. Many Survey broadcasting software like ICTBroadcast allow you to upload Do Not Call (DNC) contact number. Do not call list consist of those numbers that you want software exempt these numbers during dialing.

Prepare Questionaire

After creating the contact list, now you need to write survey questions, these questions answered by recipients. Some sophisticated survey software like ICTBbroadcast allow you to ask 10 questions by recipients, recipients answer these questions by using telephony keypad. This software also allows creating open-ended questions where people usually record their voice responses.

Preferences Options

Before running a survey campaign you should select proper preferences options in the software. Some survey software allow you to leave a voice message or hang up call on answering machine detection (AMD). You can also select the option of a call retires, a number of times.

Schedule Campaign

You can broadcast your survey immediately or can schedule your campaign. It allows you to start campaigning on selected data and time and stop campaigning on selected data and time.

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